Corporate Workshops & Masterclasses


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Mental & Emotional Wellbeing at the Workplace-A CBT Approach

I regularly provide workshops and do speaking at organizations and schools on self-esteem and stress-management topics from a CBT (Cognitive Behavioral) perspective and approach. My workshops are a mix of speaking and interactive activities so that you as a participant will walk away with tools and knowledge that can be applied to everyday life.

 It is a proven fact that employees with good self esteem tend to be more productive, better communicators, more creative, take more initiative, are better leaders and contributes to an overall healthier work environment. After several years within the corporate world and having managed people I have had first hand experience of the importance of mental and emotional well-being at the workplace, boosting self-esteem and the difference it brings to individual as well as the overall performance and well-being of an organization. In my corporate masterclasses I offer custom made programs tailored according to the needs of your organization or department. I also offer One-on-One coaching sessions for leaders where I take on an CBT-focused and positive psychology approach. 


A Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Stress Management & Self-Esteem

In this workshop we examine the concept of stress management and self-esteem through the cognitive behavioral model perspective. We will examine how our thought patterns, core beliefs, emotions and behavior affects our sense of self-esteem and our ability to cope and manage stress.

The workshop is a mixture of speaking, discussions and interactive activities.



By the end of this workshop participants will learn about:

  • The Cognitive Behavioral Model- How our thought patterns and beliefs affects our emotions and behavior
  • The link between self-esteem and stress management
  • Brain chemicals and what happens to our bodies and minds when we are under stress
  • Identifying & challenging hindering core beliefs
  • The effective tool of mindfulness and relaxation
  • Coping with stress and the inner critic by becoming aware of cognitive distortions
  • The use of socratic questioning and learning how re-frame thoughts and perspective
  • Our inner coach & inner critic-Rewriting our self-talk
  • Detecting our strengths & qualities


Emotion Management Workshop

28218861 - disguisedIn this workshop we go through how to better manage our emotions through the use of CBT insights and tools. In a workplace dominated by the emphasis on rational and logical thinking, the role of emotions in decision-making and effective action has been often neglected although it plays a critical role. Many managers and leaders become victims of their emotions and regard their moods and emotions as things which just “happen” yet we can learn how to control our emotions.

The workshop is a mixture of speaking, discussions and interactive activities.

the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand how emotions are triggered and developed and how it effects us
  • How to identify Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors
  • How to better create positive emotional energy
  • Control their negative emotions and achieve positive interaction in teams and work groups


Positive Mindset Workshop

positive attitude

When faced with a challenge, optimists look for opportunities while negative thinkers get stuck and dwell on the problem.  One way to start looking for ways to improve worker productivity can be by evaluating the attitude their employees bring to the job each day. A positive or negative attitude affects how workers approach their tasks, and attitudes can have a ripple effect on those around them. In general, a positive attitude can have a positive impact on productivity, while the reverse is also true. A positive attitude also improves change adaption and innovation.

This workshop teaches the foundation of a positive mindset and attitude, how it affects work, performance and everyday life and provides with practical tools on how to improve it.
The workshop is a mixture of speaking, discussions and interactive activities.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Identify behaviors that create a negative environment
  • Describe how to break habits that contribute to negativity
  • Know how to influence others to be more positive
  • Choose a positive language
  • Identify actions they can take alone and with others to encourage optimism


One-On-One Corporate Coaching Sessions


Individual coaching sessions in the workplace brings many benefits: a fresh perspective on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making and leadership skills, improved communication skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness and communication, increased self-esteem and confidence and overall mental and emotional wellbeing. It can also be beneficial when employees are experiencing certain life transitions that can affect work such as relocation to a new country or coming back from maternity leave.

My approach is based on CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & positive psychology which is a collaborative effort whereby in my sessions I help individuals to use their emotions intelligently to solve their problems and reach their goals and achieve a mental wellbeing. I typically work with leaders to primarily help them better understand the impact that their moods and emotions have on their behavior, relationships and performance and, secondly providing them with techniques to better manage them and create productive emotional spaces.

Throughout the sessions the individual will receive materials and assessments based on his or her particular situation and objectives. The amount of sessions needed per person depends on their personal profile and objectives, however you can apply a general guideline of three sessions under a six week period to see results.

General structure:

  • An Intake Discovery Session
  • Formal & self assessment exercises
  • Follow-up Sessions
  • Between-session email and phone support-accessible to answer questions
    or provide advice and feedback


Student & University Workshops

The level of self-esteem and confidence can have an significant impact on an individuals success in school, career and overall quality of life. Particularly when it comes to young adults, a lack of self esteem can have a significant impact on academic performance, social interaction, and and when they are about to embark on their careers and entering work life and the business world.

Self-esteem affects the way students engages in activities, how they interact with others and how they deal with challenges. In many studies, it has also shown a direct impact on academic performance. Low self-esteem can decrease a student’s desire to learn and his or her ability to focus. People with low self-esteem and confidence are also less likely to speak up in meetings and tend to more often than others exhibit pessimism and poor communication skills because of the way they see themselves.
They are also less productive because they don’t believe in themselves and therefore allow themselves to do less than what they are capable of.

Investing in self-esteem will increase creativity, leadership and initiative taking, increase productivity and improve relationships among peers. In other words, a healthy and positive self-esteem provides a firm foundation for learning and increases the prospect for a brighter future.

Self-Esteem Masterclass for Students

This Masterclass is designed for university students and teaches them the foundation of self-esteem and provides them an opportunity to consider how a lack of self-esteem may be affecting their academic results, future work performance and entrepreneurship, their experience at university and overall future career prospect.

The purpose is to provide the students with the knowledge of its importance, how it affects them and provide them with tools on how to improve it so they can achieve their career and life goals. The masterclass is a mixture of lecture, discussions and interactive activities.

By the end of this workshop the students will:

  • Know what self-esteem is and the difference between confidence and esteem
  • How its being shaped and enhanced-factors.
  • Know how it affects:
    -Communication and relationships
    -Have the knowledge and tools to improve it.


Format: A mix of lecture and workshop

Length: Standard length is 2hrs. Can be extended to longer if wished.

For who?: This masterclass suits students at all levels. For the first year students it will prepare them to achieve the academic results they want. While for the last year students, the focus will be to give them the confidence to enter work life and embark on their careers once graduating.